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ENVIRONMENTAL Tankless Hot Water Heaters

They are also called “on demand” or “instant” hot water heaters and have gained in popularity over the past few years because of their ability to deliver an endless supply of instant hot water. They also offer the additional advantages of being highly efficient, eco-friendly, create savings on your electric or gas bill, compact in size and very durable.

Point of use

Some, like the Electric Power Pac and the Gas 5L may each serve many points of use in the same area. For example, a shower, a bathroom sink and a kitchen sink. Because of this close proximity, hot water delivery is instantaneous. Consequently, point-of-use tankless water heaters are often referred to as “instant” or “instantaneous” hot water heaters.
There are also several portable propane tankless water heater models that are designed for use as a portable camping shower, an outdoor shower for RV’s, trailers, fifth wheelers, cottages, cabins, and as a shower in a garden or beside a pool or sauna or a pet shower/bath.
Whole House
If you are looking for a whole house tankless water heater, you should first decide whether a gas or an electric model will best suit your needs. It is very important to size your water heater correctly. To do this you will need to know your hot water demand at peak usage times, as well as your average winter ground water temperature. Your plumber can assist you in this regard. Whole house gas tankless water heaters are available in both indoor and outdoor, LPG (Liquid Propane Gas) and NG (Natural Gas) models. Before choosing a tankless electric water heater, make sure that it has the capacity to handle your hot water demand during peak usage periods and it is important to consult with your plumber to get an estimate of the installation cost.

The Marey Heater Corporation has been helping people, since 1955, save up to 60% on their hot water electric (or propane) bill while providing endless hot water for cottages, homes, condos, businesses, boats, trailers, anywhere you need hot water. Never run out of hot water again and save space.

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